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Welcome to Bitrecipes. This is a blog we’ve put together to help
anyone who wants to cook something new and tasty for dinner or lunch
or just as a snack. First of all, thank you very much for visiting our blog
and showing us so much love. We really appreciate your comments and
feedback, it really helps us get better.


This blog is not just a recipe sharing website. It has much more
meaning hidden under its crust. Bitrecipes were made to help people get
over the fear of cooking, to show them how fun it can be.
I know the feeling when you want to learn cooking (or anything else)
but you can’t because you’re afraid that you’ll mess up. Well, let me tell
you, “ Yes, you will mess up”. But that isn’t as bad as you might think,
it’s fun in fact. Trust me here, I talk from experience.

I made my first dish a long time ago. It was not as good as I expected.
Fine, I’ll admit, it was an utter disaster. There was barely anything I
didn’t mess up. Being a writer, I am naturally a perfectionist and
mistakes are a big deal for me. So, it broke my heart to see the dish I
made, destroyed a million different ways.

As you’d think, I gave up cooking. The only problem was that my family
didn’t. They did everything they could to convince me to try again. They
told me stories of their epic cooking fails and gave me a few tips.

In the end, I tried again and… it was good, at least not as bad as before. After that, I tried every recipe I could get my hands on and made many
mistakes, but my family was always there to help me out.

For me, this recipe sharing website is a way to share some of my
favorite recipes and bring families together.


Recipes are much more than they seem to be. One simple recipe can
have years of interesting history behind it. One simple recipe can tell a
story that can change your life. One simple recipe can hold the love of
generations. And one simple recipe can be the tradition of a family, a
village, and even a country. One simple recipe can bring people

You see, recipes have many stories to tell. We wish to explore your
stories as well. To share your story, please submit your own recipes on
Bitrecipes, so we may know you better. So we may know your tradition
and your way of being creative. It will be an honor to have you with us
on this journey of taste and wonder.


A lot of hard work goes into bringing you these recipes. It is truly
heartwarming to see your appreciation for our work. It motivates us to
get you even more interesting recipes. Please show your love for our
work by clicking the “like” button. Your likes show us your support and
help us understand what you like.

If you liked our recipes please let us know in the comments. Knowing
what you think of our efforts really makes all the difference for us. We
welcome constructive criticism with open arms; however, that doesn’t
mean that “rude” comments are approved. Your words may hurt
someone more than you know. So please weigh your words before you

If you have any suggestions, please let us know, so that we can try them
as well. Please avoid overly self-promotional comments. Lastly, “Have a
wonderful and tasty life.

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